Business Support Group / BSG

Legal services and consultations

Prior trends of business support group activities are protection of rights and legal interests of businessmen and organizations, employees and entrepreneurs; support of legal commercial activities and investment security.

We provide legal services within Russian Federation and overseas. Project realization involves business support group experts as well as leading regional legal offices and independent legal experts. In the short possible time we are able to form appropriate multifunctional team capable of different complexity project realization.

Internal working standards of BSG are based on international requirements for the quality of legal and consultation office, technologies and services.

We provide our clients with remote access service for business support group resources by internet in any region of the globe - BSG On-line. The service ensure connection, document flow, security and service control, and serves as monitoring and control tool for work quality – our client always knows his business status.

You may easily find information about BSG on our web-site.